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Mazda's MX-5 RF and Audi's R8 Spyder steal the show in New York

Just in time for spring, it's all about the convertibles

Coming right off the parade of exotics and hypercars in Geneva, it's not easy for the New York Auto Show to make a splash. Still, there was enough news to keep us occupied for a couple days: we got a refreshed Godzilla with more power, a crazy Lincoln Navigator concept SUV with gull-wing doors, and a beautiful look inside the future of Hyundai's premium Genesis brand.

And then there were the drop-tops. Mazda basically shocked the world with the MX-5 RF, a beautiful targa version of its new Miata, while Audi chose NYIAS to show off the R8 Spyder. We'll take either one. (Actually, we'll take both.)

Tune in to watch me and our auto columnist Jason Harper talk about this show's hits and misses.