Model 3 save now to buy later?


Hi all,

So I am thinking about buying the Tesla Model 3.

The $1000USD / $1500AUD deposit queue starts before the unveiling of the vehicle, with the only details now being when they expect production to start.

Late 2017, with the earliest deliveries in 2018 on West Coast USA, spreading across the USA and then as they ramp up production, Europe, Asia/Pacific and right hand drive.

I spoke to an Australian store and the sales person said not to expect anything in Australia until 12-18 months after the USA starts. So that means mid 2019 given no delays, which there usually is.

Early/Mid 2019.... with a deposit in early 2016 is 3 years.

From what we know the Model 3 is around the $30k USD mark.

So if I can save $10k a year (which is not impossible) then by the time my number comes up I will be able to buy it outright, or at least have most of it paid for.

Is this the ultimate car purchase plan ever?

Pay off the car before it is even made for you with enough warning for it to be affordable. So much so that if I stopped driving my car now, just with fuel, rego and insurance I would have 1/3 of the cost already.


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