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Big baby killjoy refuses to eat part of his own leg on television

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Let me lay out a scenario for you: You're a British TV presenter. You've been asked to answer the question "what does human flesh taste like?" You get a tiny piece of your leg removed. Hilariously, your name happens to be Greg Foot. (Foot is almost Leg.) You take the man meat to a lab to have the flavors analyzed and you recreate them with animal flesh in what ends up being a pork 'n' lamb burger. Wouldn't you feel disappointed — terribly, terribly so — if at no point did you actually get to eat part of your own leg.

You can watch in the clip above as Foot (again, still funny) gets part of his thigh muscle cut out of him out with a syringe the size of a pencil. He gets an anesthetic beforehand, but it still looks really painful:

Look at him! If someone forced you to go through all that and then gave you a couple of maggot-sized pieces of your own leg muscle in a test tube, wouldn't you just say "Damn the illegality, tonight we dine on me-steak." (You'd have to say something that stupid otherwise it would probably feel a little weird.)

And while I sympathize with Mr. Foot for not eating Mr. Leg (as he says, it's illegal, and he is on television), I can't believe that once the cameras stopped rolling, once everyone was looking the other way, he didn't gobble up those pieces just to see what it was like, and tell everyone he'd thrown them away. Wouldn't you?