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Microsoft Band now lets you compete with friends

Microsoft Band now lets you compete with friends


Work out together — virtually

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If competing against yourself isn’t enough, Microsoft Band is launching a social option. With its latest update, Band users can now choose to connect to Facebook, setting fitness goals and competing with Facebook friends over burned calories, running time, bike rides, and more. Each fitness challenge can last one, three, five, or seven days. During or after a challenge, you can track your friends' progress too.

Set fitness challenges and compete with your friends

The goal of Microsoft Band’s new features is to digitize the concept of working out in groups, which research shows can have health benefits. Microsoft isn’t alone in trying to make fitness more social. The app inKin, for instance, allows you and your friends to compare performances across multiple devices like Fitbit, Up by Jawbone, as well as Microsoft Band.

The new social component added by Microsoft is solely for Band users. However, you can also compete with others through the Microsoft Health app on an iOS, Android, or Windows phone.