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Hulu now has an app for Samsung Gear VR

Hulu now has an app for Samsung Gear VR

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Hulu's first virtual reality app is now available. The streaming service announced back in September that it would be releasing an app for Samsung's Gear VR headset, but the company ended up delaying the launch a few months, according to a report from Variety. It's available now in the Gear VR Oculus store.

Hulu's app comes equipped with around 30 non-exclusive 360-degree videos from outlets like Discovery, National Geographic, and Showtime. It also offers an original short called "The Big One," about a meteor shower and the end of the world. (Hulu plans to host more exclusive content and video premieres in the future.) The VR content is free to users without a subscription for now, but Hulu is considering several ways to monetize it, according to Variety.


Netflix's own app for Gear VR launched last fall, but unlike Hulu, it only plays flat video inside the Gear VR. Twitch, Vimeo, and TiVo are reportedly launching their own Gear VR apps in the near future.