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Vevo will let you import Spotify data to improve its recommendations

Vevo will let you import Spotify data to improve its recommendations


For iOS and Android users

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Music video service Vevo is getting smarter today thanks to integrations with Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube, which it will use to offer more personalized recommendations for its mobile apps based on the data you provide. In the past, Vevo asked new users to manually approve artists to create a "Spotlight" feed of new music they might like. The company can now automatically import that type of data from competing services to kickstart the process. Vevo is also making the act of signing up less cumbersome by letting users choose music by genres to further improve recommendations.

The update, which is live now for Android and should be available for iOS users soon, is part of a greater push from Vevo to distinguish itself among the sea of fellow streaming services. Vevo already has a well-known brand thanks to its partnership with YouTube. But the company has been eager to create a name for itself separate from the Google-owned video site, and it's using its mobile apps and Apple TV service to do so.

Vevo wants to distinguish itself from Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal

Still, Vevo is a tough sell even as a free service. Spotify continues to grow at a steady clip, while Apple Music and Tidal have landed high-profile exclusives like Drake's forthcoming Views From the 6 and Kanye West's The Life of Pablo to get new users to sign up. Vevo doesn't have the same music industry clout to nab those kinds of exclusives for either music or videos, so it's focusing instead on making sure its apps are as smart and accommodating to new users as possible.