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Swarm’s new stats keep you honest about your travels

Swarm’s new stats keep you honest about your travels

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There's a new version of the Swarm app for iOS and Android out today, and its headline feature is a revamped profile screen that displays more stats about your check-in history. The app now displays a donut chart for the last 60 days and your all-time history to demonstrate the places you've checked in the most. (Amusingly, my personal donut chart shows donut shops as one of my most popular destinations.) You can tap on any section of the chart to drill down for more details, and in classic Swarm fashion, share your chart across various social networks in a few taps.

In a blog post announcing the updates, Swarm notes that it has also improved how photos are handled throughout the app and has added a feature called The Weekly Swarm, described as "a weekly recap of your friends’ most epic check-ins." You can expect a notification on your phone or wearable when this weekly recap is available to view.

Swarm is, of course, the off-shoot app of Foursquare that was split from the main Foursquare experience almost two years ago. Since its declaration of independence, Swarm has undergone a number of design changes, including the removal and restoration of rewards and mayorships and enhanced chat capabilities. Today's expanded stats feature could be useful to those that have stuck with the service and still actually use it, but it's hard to see how it will attract any new users to the fold, or get anyone that gave up on checking in to everywhere they visit to come back to the app.