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Apple is working on a TV series about app developers

Apple has plans to make original TV beyond the scope of music. According to the New York Post, the tech giant is working with and producers Ben Silverman (who executive produced The Office) and Howard T. Owens to launch a new unscripted series about app developers.

"We’ve been focused on a lot of content around Apple Music," Eddy Cue told the Post, "video is a big part of it and we’ll do more of those [shows]. This was another opportunity right up our alley with apps."

"This was another opportunity right up our alley with apps."

Details about the effort are currently scarce, and Apple was reticent to describe the show's format, the people involved, or when it will see release. However, Cue did say that the show will be made available across Apple devices. Whether or not this new series will be the backbone for a more robust TV service like what observers have been clamoring for is currently unclear.

Apple has already dipped its toe into original television to date, but this represents its first effort outside music. Last month, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the company was working on developing a dark series starring Dr. Dre. Called Vital Signs, the series would help promote Apple Music. In addition, the iPhone maker is already working with Vice Media to develop a six-part music miniseries called The Score.