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The Oculus Rift has started shipping

The Oculus Rift has started shipping


Consumer VR is just a few days away

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Oculus VR will make good on a promise that's been years in the making: starting next week, the first consumer versions of the company's Rift virtual reality headset will begin arriving at preorder customers' doors. CEO Brendan Iribe today tweeted out a photo of a boxed Rift bundle to commemorate the event, saying deliveries begin on Monday, March 28th.

For the VR enthusiasts and gamers that have been following Oculus since its Kickstarter went live in August 2012, this is a moment that's always felt perpetually in the future, separated by yet another development kit or prototype. So it's still a little hard to believe the arrival of the finished Rift is just a single weekend away.

If you weren't one of the lucky few to nab a preorder back in January, you'll unfortunately have to wait until July to get your Rift bundle if you place an order today. Oculus is selling a Rift headset bundle on its website Xbox One controller and copies of launch titles EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale for $599.99. The company is also partnering with PC makers Alienware, Dell, and Asus for Rift-ready PC bundles starting at $1,499 including the price of the headset.


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