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Apple Music now has its own Android widget

Apple Music now has its own Android widget


Apple is embracing Android's strengths instead of ignoring them

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Home screen widgets still don't exist on iOS, but that's not stopping Apple from taking advantage of Android's unique strengths. Today the company updated its Apple Music app with a new widget that can be dropped onto your phone or tablet's home screen. It's pretty basic (most music app widgets are, to be fair), offering controls for pause, skip, and going back to the last track. There's also a heart, so you can help influence Apple Music's future picks based on your tastes. Apple's is the top widget in the above image, with Spotify's Android widget below.

The latest Apple Music update also gets rid of an annoying playlist quirk, where users were required to add music to their library before including those same tracks in a custom playlist. A few other changes make it easier to see what's currently playing on Beats 1, redeem gift cards from the settings menu, and more. Apple Music has a 3.5-star review average, suggesting that many consumers on the Android side are at least willing to give Apple's subscription music service a fair shot — probably for reasons like this. Last month, Apple Music was updated to support SD storage. One big thing's still lacking, though: Chromecast support. New Apple Music subscribers remain eligible for a free three-month trial.