New trailers: The Lego Batman Movie, Deepwater Horizon, April and the Extraordinary World, and more

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Hey internet, what have you been watching lately? I saw Clueless for the first time (I was particularly into the part where she picks out an outfit on the computer, and was particularly not into her getting together with young Paul Rudd — and listen, so what if I'm having these feelings two decades too late?), and also saw The Witch, which was exactly what I want out of a horror movie (not actually that scary but gorgeous and totally creepy). You should see The Witch if you like creepy stuff. And you probably already saw Clueless so whatever, but it's on Netflix in case you're wondering.

If you're going to see Batman v Superman this weekend, you should check out our review beforehand (or afterward, if that's more your style). As for what's coming next, see below for 11 trailers worth checking out.

The Lego Batman Movie

It's weird to say that someone had a scene-stealing appearance in The Lego Movie. It's even weirder to say that a scene-stealing appearance in The Lego Movie is actually a really high bar. But Batman was The Lego Movie's clear standout — and if you were worried that his schtick couldn't be extended to an entire feature, his solo film's first teaser is here to ease your concerns. So far so good. It comes out early next year.

Deepwater Horizon

It's Mark Wahlberg as you've always wanted to see him: covered in crude oil. Deepwater Horizon looks like a strange, action-packed dramatization of the terrible Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which killed 11 people and leaked 4.9 million barrels of oil into the surrounding water, devastating nearby wildlife. I'm not entirely sure where this movie is taking things tonally, but hopefully it treats the situation with appropriate gravity. It's out on September 30th.

April and the Extraordinary World

A young girl who becomes a scientist after her parents' abduction. A steampunk world. A talking cat. There are a lot of pieces to this movie that a lot of people are going to like. April and the Extraordinary World was originally released in French last November, and now its English translation is about to come out. If you're a fan of wonderful animated worlds, this seems like one worth checking out.

Love & Friendship

As you may know, The Verge is one of the internet's preeminent Jane Austen fan sites, so we are thrilled to be covering Love & Friendship, an adaptation of Austen's posthumously published novel Lady Susan. The film is about an exceptionally sharp and witty woman trying to find a husband for both herself and her daughter. It premiered at Sundance to great reviews, and now it's headed to theaters on May 13th.

Bridget Jones's Baby

Speaking of Jane Austen adaptations, there's about to be a new Bridget Jones. The original was a much-loved modern spin on Pride and Prejudice, and it was followed up with a not-quite-as-well-received sequel. The trailer for Bridges Jones's Baby doesn't immediately fill me with confidence that the series can rekindle its charm, but the original film's director, Sharon Maguire, is back onboard this time around, which should give fans some hope. It comes to theaters on September 16th.

Above and Below

I don't know what a "not-quite-documentary" is, but I love whatever Above and Below is trying to do. It's a film about many eccentric people, including a couple who live in tunnels beneath Las Vegas, a man in a desert bunker, and a group of wannabe astronauts. You should absolutely watch this trailer. It starts to hit US theaters on April 15th.

War Dogs

Pitch: "The Hangover, but in Iraq."

Studio executives, presumably: "What could go wrong?"

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller star. It's out on August 19th.

Last Days in the Desert

Last Days in the Desert has Ewan McGregor starring as both Jesus and the Devil, playing out arguments between the two during Jesus' time fasting in the desert. If that's not enough to sell you on the film, then just know this: Emmanuel Lubezki, the cinematographer who won three consecutive Oscars for Gravity, Birdman, and The Revenant, shot this one, so it's gonna look gorgeous. It comes out on May 13th.

All The Way

HBO's next original film has Bryan Cranston playing Lyndon B. Johnson and Anthony Mackie as Martin Luther King, Jr. The film follows Johnson in the year after Kennedy's assassination as he and King struggle with civil rights reform. If for nothing else, watch this trailer for Cranston's stiff-yet-goofy take on Johnson. It premieres on May 21st.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Usually I'm here to complain about CGI, but the weird effects in the new Huntsman are kind of fantastic for how creepy and unusual they are. Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt play badass evil queens, Chris Hemsworth appears to be around for eye candy, and Jessica Chastain is around I think just so there can be another awesome fighter. It's out April 22nd in the US and April 4th in the UK.

The Do-Over

Sometimes Netflix premieres Beasts of No Nation. Other times, it premieres The Do-Over. It's Adam Sandler's second comedy for Netflix (with two more to follow), and this time around he has David Spade as a co-star. For context, Ridiculous 6 currently sits at 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It'll come out on May 27th.

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