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The CEO of Young Thug’s label made a bonkers Snapchat story about Slime Season 3

Lyor Cohen is the co-founder and CEO of 300 Entertainment, a label whose roster includes upstart rap heroes like Migos, Fetty Wap, and Young Thug, and also Coheed and Cambria. Young Thug's third mixtape in his Slime Season series dropped at midnight last night, but before it did, Cohen seized the opportunity to tease fans with some track snippets on Snapchat.

A true Snapchat gift

Dressed in a lovely cowl-neck cardigan, the millionaire industry exec names each song as it plays, literally (but unnecessarily) yelling over the music, like how sometimes your parents think they need to talk really loudly into cellphones. "They're going crazy over at Apple!" he says, while staring blankly at something off camera. He nods along solemnly to each song, like he's receiving bad news but trying to remain practical about it. After announcing the final track, however, Cohen seems to perk up a bit, even calling out "YSL" — Thugger's abbreviation for Young Stoner Life.

I've never seen anyone look more like they were delivering a PowerPoint while listening to Young Thug, and yet, it's more captivating than any presentation I've ever seen. Cohen's tired facade is a great foil to Young Thug's chaotic flow, but his aggressively confused Snapchat voice is the complete opposite. The whole thing is a majestic mind game.