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Uber and Blade partner to offer helicopter rides to Coachella

From LA to Indio for $4,170

Uber and Blade have joined forces to ferry passengers down to Coachella from Los Angeles for the music and arts festival this year. The flight, which can be purchased through either Uber or Blade will run festival goers $4,170 for a charter, which can sit up to six people at $695 each.

Uber has routinely offered helicopter rides at major festivals like Cannes and Sundance, and for the past two years has offered helicopter rides to Coachella, but this is the first time it has done so with Blade — known as the "Uber of helicopters" — as its aviation partner. Blade shuttles its users around the east coast In helicopters, offering rides to and from major New York airports and to vacation spots like Martha's Vineyard and The Hamptons.

Users can begin reserving a chopper today at 3PM ET for a ride from Van Nuys Airport (an Uber SUV will pick you up from any location in LA and bring you to the airport) to Indio, California for the festival. Uber is also also offering an SUV back to LA for $399 for those who reserve a chopper.