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Apple now lets you mix and match Apple Watch designs online

Apple now lets you mix and match Apple Watch designs online

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Apple has launched a new web tool that lets you tinker with all the combinations of cases, bands, and faces available for the Apple Watch. It's a welcome, if long overdue, addition to the company's website, especially considering the hundreds of possible variations. In fact, teasing out your favorite Apple Watch design has always been such a chore that a few different websites already went through the effort of building custom versions of this same type of mix-and-match tool over a year ago. Sorry, folks.

The new personalization tool works simply enough, letting you click, drag, or scroll through an interface that will feel familiar to anyone who ever played Super Mario Bros. 3. Fancy an Apple Watch with a 42mm silver aluminum case with a pear woven nylon band? Now you can see what that looks like before you trudge to the Apple Store or click the "buy" button.

There is a catch, of course. Once you've settled on a look that strikes you, there's no way to just drop the combination right into a virtual shopping cart and buy it. You have to load up the store and pick everything separately the old-fashioned way. It's like if Seamless made you pick out all the ingredients that make up your dinner instead of just letting you order "pad thai" straight from the menu.