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Tumblr is bringing back replies

Tumblr is bringing back replies


Plus revamped notes

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Tumblr users can now interact with one another more easily. Today, the blogging platform is bringing back replies and launching the redesign of its notes feature. Tumblr’s been working on overhauling the reply format since it pulled the feature in November 2015. Readers could previously reply to the author in a one-way conversation. Now, both the post’s author and readers can leave comments; users can reply multiple times on the same post; and replies are also enabled on reblogs, though that feature can be turned off.

Authors also have a choice around who can comment on their posts. They can allow everyone on the platform, or only Tumblrs they follow to comment. Authors can also open up the reply feature to Tumblrs they follow and Tumblrs following them back for at least a week. Unfollowing readers can automatically block them from replying again in the future.

Notes aren’t changing much, but the redesign will allow users to follow conversations more easily by applying filters to what they’re viewing. Instead of seeing all replies, reblogs, and likes, users will be able to sort them by replies and reblogs with added commentary, and then by likes and reblogs without commentary in a summary at the top of their notes page.

By revamping notes and replies, Tumblr is trying to facilitate conversations and build communities on the blogging platform. Tumblr has especially looked for growth opportunities since being acquired by Yahoo in 2013. Yahoo also hosts its own websites on Tumblr, so the changes will likely help build audiences on those blogs.