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This funky little orb is a wall charger and USB battery all in one

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If you have a smartphone, chances are you've needed a portable USB battery pack at some point. While hugely useful when you're away from a wall charger for an extended period, most USB batteries are clunky and ugly. They are really the perfect example of function over form. The new Bump battery is different — it oozes style to go along with its substance.

The $65 Bump, which is available for preorder starting today, isn't just a USB battery: a set of fold-out prongs let you plug the device directly into the wall to recharge it and your phone. It also has an odd bumper attachment that serves as a place to store the micro-USB or Lightning cable. The idea is you can pack the whole thing up and toss it in your bag without worrying about loose cables getting tangled.

You can buy bigger USB batteries — the Bump capacity of 3,400mAh is less than the internal battery on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge — and you can certainly get cheaper batteries. But Bump's clever-yet-functional design is fun and not something that often seen in commodity products like USB chargers or batteries. More please.

Bump USB charger

Bump USB charger

Bump USB charger