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Airbnb will let two people sleep in an underwater bedroom surrounded by 35 sharks

It’s free — if you win!

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The Shark Aquarium on AirBnB

Airbnb is offering its coolest accommodation yet: an underwater bedroom surrounded by 35 sharks.

No selfies after dark

The one-night stay for two at the unusual spot in the Aquarium de Paris is free. All you need to do in order to sleep in the shark tank one night on either April 11th, 12th, or 13th is enter and win a competition. Contestants must submit a 50- to 550-word essay by 11:59PM CET on April 3rd, describing themselves and why they deserve to sleep with the sharp-toothed animals.

The circular room, which has a 360-degree view of the sharks, is 33 feet deep and immersed in three million liters of water. If you win, the unconventional host, shark conservationist, and freediver Fred Buyle will greet you and even dance with the sharks to entertain you. But he also warns there are some "house rules" guests are expected to follow: no selfies after dark (sharks are sensitive to light), no diving, and no sleepwalking or night swimming.

The Shark Aquarium on AirBnB

The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (except some countries embargoed by the US like North Korea, Sudan, and Syria). But you have to be at least 18 and in good physical shape to climb in and out of the bedroom using a ladder. The total weight of the two guests also can’t exceed 419 pounds. The bedroom has no private bathroom, but guests can use the biologists’ restroom in the aquarium, according to Business Insider.

So yeah, if Jaws doesn’t terrify you, go ahead and enter the competition. The winners will be announced on April 9th.