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Amazon's tiny new Echo Dot can only be ordered if you have an Echo or FireTV

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Shopping by typing is so 2015

Amazon usually wants to make shopping on its site as easy as possible for people, but that's definitely not the case with one of its newest gadgets.

At launch, Amazon is only selling the new Echo Dot speaker through Alexa, its voice assistant. That means you already have to own a device with Alexa inside it — either the Echo speaker or the Fire TV — to buy one. You also need to be a Prime subscriber. If you fit both of those requirements, you can then buy one by saying, "Alexa, order Echo Dot."

Alexa, order me another thing with Alexa

It's a strange approach to selling the Echo Dot that's probably meant to limit orders during its launch period, while supply may be low. And Amazon says that it will, eventually, open the Dot up for non-voice purchases.

But whether or not it's a gimmick right now, it's still an interesting peak at the future of Amazon shopping. Amazon already wants you ordering products through Alexa, which you can do today to a basic extent. Sales on Amazon's website aren't dying anywhere in the near (or even distant) future, but buying by voice might sound a lot less weird a few years from now.

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