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Facebook Messenger and Spotify now let you quickly share songs and playlists

Facebook Messenger and Spotify now let you quickly share songs and playlists

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Amelia Krales

Facebook and Spotify are trying to make it easier to share music. They're launching a new integration inside of Facebook Messenger today that allows you to quickly jump into Spotify, choose a song or playlist, and then send it over to a friend.

This might be a silly complaint but I really couldn't find the play button...

It totally works, but the implementation isn't so thrilling. The button to jump into Spotify is hidden inside of Messenger's extremely appealing "..." menu; and once you actually send a song or playlist, figuring out what to do with it is kind of confusing. Tap on the item's picture, and you just get a giant view of the album art. Tap on the big button beside it, and you get options to share it further. To actually listen to the song or playlist, you have to tap the tiny "open" button beneath the image, which then kicks you over to Spotify's app. And there's no way to follow through at all if you're on the desktop. Spotify says to keep in mind that this is the integration's first iteration; a spokesperson tells The Verge that "users can expect further enhancements as we continually work to improve the integration and ensure the best user experience possible."

On the brighter side, it's really easy to pick out or search for a song or playlist once you do jump over to Spotify, which may encourage people to use it, in spite of its quirks. Facebook has been trying to develop a whole ecosystem of apps that work with Messenger, and Spotify is one of the bigger names to come on board. We may see a lot more come Facebook's developer conference in April.

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Tell me how you'd try to play this song.

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A view of the "..." menu (Image credit: Facebook).

Update March 3rd, 6:15PM ET: This story has been updated with comment from Spotify.