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The best music game series is getting a greatest hits album on Nintendo 3DS

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Rhythm Heaven Megamix launches later this year

The fantastic rhythm action series Rhythm Heaven is getting the video game equivalent of a greatest hits album. Today Nintendo announced the next game in the series, called Rhythm Heaven Megamix, which brings together the best levels from each game in the series, including the Game Boy Advance edition, Rhythm Tengoku, which was only released in Japan. The new version will feature 100 different mini-games, most of which are from older titles in the series, but also 30 brand new additions as well. If you haven't played a Rhythm Heaven before, it's essentially a collection of music-themed mini-games, like the WarioWare series but with better music. The DS game even featured Beyonce singing to her handheld video game console. No specific release date for Megamix was announced, but it's coming to the Nintendo 3DS some time this year.