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American Nintendo 3DS owners are getting a bunch of cool Japanese RPGs

American Nintendo 3DS owners are getting a bunch of cool Japanese RPGs


And Wii U owners are getting one too

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Nintendo detailed the American releases of a handful of Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) during its Nintendo Direct presentation this afternoon, news that'll surely excite US fans who have been waiting for them with bated breath.

Atlus' music-RPG fusion Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE — yes, the hashtag is part of the title — is being released on the Wii U in the US on June 24th with its original Japanese voiceover track intact. (It looks like a strange fusion of a Fire Emblem game and the music on the Japanese pop charts.)

Square Enix's Bravely Default sequel Bravely Second: End Layer is being released for 3DS on April 15th, and Nintendo is making a free demo available on March 10th. The 3DS adaptation of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is making its way Stateside later this year, and last year's Monster Hunter X is being ported to the US as Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS this summer.

All of these games have been available in Japan for at least a few months. Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Monster Hunter Generations, and Bravely Second were all released last year, and the Dragon Quest VII remake has been available in its revamped form since 2013. It's unlikely that any of them burn up the charts, but taken together they're an impressive group of additions to systems that are already well ahead of their competitors in terms of JRPG availability.