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A new Paper Mario is coming to Wii U later this year

Nintendo's offbeat Paper Mario series is returning to home consoles later this year. As the name suggests, Paper Mario: Color Splash is about returning color to a monochrome world. How do you add color to the world, you ask? It's simple: hit things with a magic paint hammer. That's the gist, really: smash your friends to give life, smash your enemies to take it away.

The Paper Mario series, wherein all the characters are sentient two-dimensional beings waltzing through a mostly three-dimensional world, originally debuted to in 2000 on Nintendo 64 but hasn't had a home console version since 2007's Super Paper Mario on Nintendo Wii. The last two games —€” 2012's Sticker Star and 2015's Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam —€” were 3DS titles.

Paper Mario: Color Splash is expected to launch in late 2016.