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270 million machines are now running Windows 10

270 million machines are now running Windows 10

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During its keynote address at the Build 2016 conference today, Microsoft announced that there are now 270 million computers running Windows 10. The latest version of Windows was released publicly last summer, after a prolonged public test period. Since launch, Microsoft has regularly issued updates to the operating system, giving the impression that Windows 10 is still very much a work in progress.

There are, of course, many millions more PCs out there without Windows 10, so Microsoft still has work cut out for it. But given the relatively short time since the new platform's release, this pace of adoption is pretty good and better than it was for Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft says it's the fastest adoption pace of any version of Windows ever.

Microsoft also says that users have spent over 75 billion hours in Windows 10 already, and there are over 500 new devices built specifically for the platform.

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