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This crazy-looking 8TB external drive can be powered by a single USB-C port

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No power adapter necessary

Seagate has announced a monstrous 8 terabyte external hard drive, which will be launching next month for $350. The Innov8 (cringe) requires just a single USB-C port for power, making it a perfect companion for many laptops released between last year and today. Seagate claims it's the first external drive of this size to not require a dedicated power source or adapter.

It's not exactly a small USB drive, but we imagine most people will keep it on a desk, anyway. This isn't the sort of thing you'll be carrying around in your messenger bag or backpack. The design feels very LaCie, at least to me, which shouldn't be a surprise since Seagate bought the style-centric company back in 2012 and seems to have learned a few things in the years since. This probably won't be the fastest drive out there, though USB 3.1 should keep transfer rates plenty brisk. But the Innov8 (ugh, I hate saying it) is really all about sheer size and that lone USB-C plug. It's enough to hold "more than two million songs, four million photos and eight hundred HD movies" by Seagate's estimates. Pretty cool.

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