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Nextbit says upcoming software update will double the speed of Robin camera

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Nextbit's executives took to Periscope today to announce that a forthcoming software update for the Robin smartphone would address a number of performance issues the device has had since its launch in February. The update, due to arrive sometime next month, brings along Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and its expanded emoji set, as well.

Specifically, Nextbit says the update addresses the lag and sluggishness in the Robin's camera app, and claims that it is at least twice as fast as before. The company also notes some UI changes within the camera and gallery app are included, with more tweaks in the works for future updates.

The update is also said to improve battery life and performance across the board, as well as optimize the sound quality from the Robin's front-facing speakers. A smaller update is hitting Robin devices today, but that is just to address a single bug that prevented certain apps, such as Uber, from launching. The larger update will arrive in April.

The Robin is one of the nicest-designed smartphones we've seen in a while, and its flagship feature of combining cloud storage with local storage to make a phone that "never runs out of space" is clever and unique. But its camera was a disappointment in our review — in terms of both speed and image quality — so it will be interesting to see how much this software update improves it.