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Final Fantasy XV is launching on September 30th

Final Fantasy XV is launching on September 30th

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It's finally happening: the first big Final Fantasy in years has a release date. At a lavish event in Los Angeles this evening, developer Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XV will launch worldwide on September 30th. It had previously been pegged for some time this year, and the game is coming to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Of course, there are special editions for the game, each including additional items. The Deluxe Edition will feature the game, the new CG movie Kingsglaive on Blu-ray, some bonus in-game content, and a steelbook for housing the discs. The Ultimate Collector's Edition, meanwhile, will have all that plus an art book, a Play Arts figure, and more (see the full offerings below). Only 30,000 units of that ultra-premium edition will be shipped worldwide. The Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector's Edition will be available for pre-order from Square Enix's online store tonight at midnight ET / 9PM PT.

The news has been a long time coming. Development on FF XV started back in 2006, but it originated as a spin-off of FF XIII, part of the ambitious "Fabula Nova Crystalis Project," which aimed to turn the 13th Final Fantasy into a series of standalone games, instead of just one. Over that time the game changed names — it was originally dubbed Final Fantasy Versus XIII — and shifted platforms, moving from the PS3 to the current generation of game consoles.

Whether or not that troubled, lengthy development process will impact the quality of the game remains to be seen, but we'll be able to find out for sure in September.