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Watch this ridiculous, epic new trailer for Final Fantasy XV

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If you were on the fence about Final Fantasy XV, the latest trailer might just change your mind. The new clip shows the game at its most epic and bizarre, jumping back and forth between awe-inspiring battles and strange, personal moments. There are familiar FF sights like chocobos and airships, but also brand new elements like mechs and a massive monster that looks ripped straight out of Attack on Titan. You'll see the main cast of four friends do everything from push a broken down car down the street to play pinball together. Toward the end the music shifts to a stirring rendition of "Stand By Me" sung by Florence Welch.

It's almost hard to imagine how all of this can be from the same game, but you'll be able to find out how it all fits together when Final Fantasy XV launches later this year on Xbox One and PS4.