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Elon Musk says this week's Tesla Model 3 unveiling is just 'Part 1' of 2

Elon Musk says this week's Tesla Model 3 unveiling is just 'Part 1' of 2

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a reputation for dribbling little hints about the company's plans on Twitter — and on the eve of the unveiling of the mass-market Model 3 near Los Angeles, he's at it again.

It's not clear exactly what that means, though he notes in a follow-up reply that "important elements" will be added between now and production:

It has been reported that Tesla will be offering drives in the Model 3 at this week's event, so whatever those "important elements" are, they apparently aren't critical to the vehicle actually moving.

There's also the longstanding matter of the Model Y, a possible crossover variant of the Model 3 — basically a smaller, lower-cost Model X. If Tesla were to sell the Y as a variant of the Model 3, they could potentially launch at the same time; if that's the case, maybe we'll see the Y presented alongside a finished version of the 3 closer to launch.

Whatever the case may be, Musk and team still have plenty of time to deliver on the promise; they've said that first shipments of the car wouldn't begin until "late 2017," and many deliveries depending on order priority and market wouldn't be made until even later than that. We'll hopefully know a lot more tomorrow evening.

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