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You'll soon be able to play a Final Fantasy XV minigame on your phone

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Whether it's Triple Triad or chocobo racing, minigames have been some of the best-loved elements of the Final Fantasy series, and you'll be able to check out one from Final Fantasy XV soon... on your phone, at least. JusticeMonstersFive, a pinball-style game, is getting a mobile release across iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

In keeping with what appears to be the central theme of Final Fantasy XV — chill bros driving around and hanging out despite the world collapsing around them — you can play the in-game version of JusticeMonstersFive by visiting an arcade and finding the pinball machine.

It's not quite clear when the game will be out — the trailer above says 2016, but the video's description says "later today," and on stage Square Enix said that preregistrations would open today. Final Fantasy XV itself will be released on September 30th.