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Sprint offers customers a bad deal on access to Amazon Prime

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Getting Prime for $10.99 a month is more expensive than a regular contract

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Sprint is still trying all the tricks it can to get back into the game, but the carrier's latest is something we haven't seen before. Customers can now get access to Amazon Prime as a monthly add-on for their contract for $10.99. You get everything you'd normally get from Prime (free two-day shipping, access to Amazon's music and video services, etc.), but you pay for it along with your cell phone bill.

Weirdly, though, it's just not a good deal. Paying $10.99 a month for Prime works out as $131.88 a year — which is much more expensive than Amazon's regular $99 annual rate. There's an outside chance that it might be useful if you're a Sprint customer who wants Prime for less than a year but more than a month (which you could get as a free trial), but other than that, we can't see the utility unless Sprint knocks down the price.