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We videochatted with astronauts on the International Space Station

A day in the life of a working astronaut

Life can fall into a familiar routine when you have a full-time job, but what is that routine like when your full-time job happens to be in space?

What is that routine like when your full-time job is in space?

The Verge asked this to astronauts currently living and working in lower Earth orbit. We spoke with NASA astronauts Tim Kopra and Jeff Williams, as well as Tim Peake from the European Space Agency — all of whom are in the middle of extended stays on the International Space Station. The trio divulged what their hours are like in space, what they spend most of their time working on, and how microgravity can make seemingly easy tasks much more difficult. They also talked about the not-so glamorous aspects of living in space, such as keeping clean without a shower and using the restroom.

But despite any frustrations that come with living in space, the astronauts made it clear that they love what they do. "Even now, I still enjoy this environment, working and living in this environment, is a lot of fun once you get to master some of the techniques," Peake said.