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Amazon Dash for condoms is a really smart idea

Amazon Dash for condoms is a really smart idea


Things that make you go 'hmm'

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This morning, Amazon announced a plethora of new partners to Dash, its push-and-forget, one-button solution for ordering basic essentials. A majority of the buttons available fall under categories like household supplies, groceries, and diapers. But here's one that caught our eye this morning: condoms. And the first manufacturer to sign up? Trojan.

I have nothing snarky to say here, and neither should you! Protection is important, and if this simplifies the process of being well-prepared, all the better. It was one of those moments where a number of my fellow officemates giggled, then collectively concluded that, yeah, that actually makes sense. That's the point of Amazon Dash: to identify common recurring expenditures, things that would be bad to overlook; to remind you in a very upfront way that you should keep stock of those essentials; and to make sure that you're buying them from Amazon exclusively (of course).

That all being said, just know that pushing the button doesn't give you same-day delivery... so please plan accordingly.