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Huge lines are forming around the world to order a Tesla Model 3, sight unseen

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Elon Musk (Twitter)

We don't know what it looks like. We don't know how far it will go on a charge. We don't even know exactly how much it will cost.

But for all we don't know about the new Tesla Model 3, thousands of Tesla fans know they want it anyway, and are willing to plunk down real money for a car that won't be unveiled until tonight.

Tesla dealerships around the world are taking $1,000 deposits for the car from customers, sight unseen — it's even more impressive considering Tesla isn't expected to begin deliveries of the car until late next year.

Here's a selection of the lines at dealerships around the world, some of whom offered refreshments to those waiting in line. We've asked Tesla for details about how many preorders have been placed, but a company spokesperson declined to share reservation numbers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a "small token of appreciation" is coming for those lined up to place their orders.

Tune in tonight at 8:30PM PT / 11:30PM ET for our coverage from the unveiling — hopefully followed by a drive. You'll also be able to watch the event on Tesla's website.

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