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Does ubuntu user-land on windows affect your workflow?


I am a casual coder. I have done some internships as a software developer and still work on various personal projects from time to time, mostly python these days. I use Ubuntu for coding pretty much exclusively. And I keep windows around for the occasional game and because I like the variety of using more than on OS :) Now, the inclusion of ubuntu userland in windows would be huge for me, as it means I could do coding on windows (ok, python runs on windows too, and I occasionally do that, but its just not the same). I don't think I would want to switch to Windows full time, but mostly because I just like using Ubuntu too. I am not sure if there will be a productivity reason for me not to.

Anyway, how do you feel (answer assuming that it works essentially perfectly, obviously huge bugs would be deal brakers)? Also, if this makes more people switch to windows full time, is this really a win for linux?

Reticulating poll splines...