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Watch a group of puppies unbox LG's new G5 smartphone

Watch a group of puppies unbox LG's new G5 smartphone


The G5 unboxing war heats up, with puppies

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LG's G5 has a lot going for it. The beautiful Android flagship is also a modular smartphone that could radically change how we think about accessories, and it's armed to the teeth with some of the best components available. So it's safe to say there's little else that could convince an Android user to upgrade to the device — except probably puppies.

Verizon, which begins shipping the G5 on April 1st, made a unique unboxing video featuring some adorable canines, and it's the best possible way to advertise a new smartphone. Or at least better than T-Mobile's high-octane unboxing of the device from the passenger seat of a drifting rally car. At this point, it seems as if the major US carriers are doing their best to outdo one another in the G5 unboxing department.

The puppies don't do a great job of demoing LG's always-on display or putting the G5's dual rear cameras through the paces. They do, however, prove that the device has the durability to stand up to a yard-full of pouncing dogs. It's also a clever way to advertise LG's new Friends" ecosystem, which is a family of devices the company hopes consumers will collect as a way to modify and enhance the G5's capabilities.