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Actually, this is about ethics in journalism

Actually, this is about ethics in journalism

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Gamergate — you remember, the misogynistic hate movement that started in 2014 — quickly became a cyclone of harassment and opportunism that gave a particular tradition of terror on the internet a brand. It was never originally about "ethics in gaming journalism," but this incredible revelation from BuzzFeed News, which will go down as the sickest own of the year, actually is about ethics in journalism: Breitbart's right-wing "personality," Milo Yiannopoulos, is a name used by one pundit and allegedly up to 44 interns, some of whom come from 4chan.

Yiannopoulous rose to "fame" on the slimy tentacles of Gamergate, steering a mob toward what he called "angry feminists" and "unethical journalists." As it turns out, his byline was also literally a mob. Here's BuzzFeed:

"Milo Yiannopoulos is not one person," said the Breitbart employee. "That person does not exist. It is a collective consciousness of various different people who come and go."
The former intern said Yiannopoulos delegated frequently. "I wrote articles for him. His articles on Breitbart. He writes some of them, but most no. He has other people writing his shit."