New trailers: Ghostbusters, Finding Dory, Nina, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


The Oscars are over and there isn't a new Star Wars movie for nearly a year, so it's probably time to start looking at all the other stuff heading to theaters. Only a few really high-profile movies had trailers come out this week, but those trailers really got people talkingGhostbuters in particular. Below are nine trailers from this week that are worth checking out.


Um, yes. I don't know why I'm even writing something here because you have almost certainly clicked play already. And if not, do it. This is a quick but rollicking introduction to the new world of Ghostbusters, and it looks like a fun one. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones star; Paul Feig directs (and explains what we're seeing). It's out on July 15th.

Finding Dory

Pixar is bringing back another classic, and this first trailer is all about watching old favorites have a good time. Finding Dory seems like it manages to find a way to repeat Nemo's structure without feeling forced, which is a feat unto itself. Where it goes from there? This trailer only shows the start. The movie comes out on June 17th.


The long-in-the-works Nina Simone biopic Nina is finally closing in on a release, and this week we got a first look at it. The movie seems like it could be a beautiful take on the legendary musician's later life, although it's important to know that the film has been mired in controversy. Many — including Simone's daughter — have taken issue with the casting of Zoe Saldana in the lead role, rather than picking an actress wither darker skin to portray Simone. That choice is likely to come under even more examination as the movie's April 22nd release date nears.

The Angry Birds Movie

This isn't saying much, but this is easily the most appealing trailer yet for The Angry Birds Movie. It's also the first trailer to depict birds being flung into structures created and occupied by pigs. I don't know why it never occurred to me that a flinging sequence had to be in the movie. But of course one is. There is literally nothing else identifiable about this series, aside from a few colored birds. The movie is out in the US on May 20th.

Rio, I Love You

Starting with Paris, je t'aime in 2006, some of the top filmmakers around have been shooting short films all set in the same city and then packaging them together into a single feature-length presentation. New York, I Love You followed in 2008, and now we're getting the series' third entry, Rio, I Love You. This first trailer makes Rio look a lot like the rest: a mixture of good, bad, and bizarre. But the collections' unevenness is sort of part of their charm. Once again, there's some great talent onboard, including the director of City of God and the writer of Babel. The film starts coming out in limited release next month.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Apparently movies about geniuses who attended Cambridge are hot right now, because we're about to get another one. The Man Who Knew Infinity has Dev Patel playing Srinivasa Ramanujan, who came to Cambridge from India and went on to make major contributions to mathematics. On one hand, the film looks like it follows the tired biopic formula (struggle —> heartwarming conclusion), but it's fantastic to see a movie like this focus on someone other than a famous white man. And this trailer makes it clear that the film is at least trying to pay attention to those differences. It's out in the UK on April 8th and in the US on April 29th.

Loving Vincent

Can you imagine stepping inside a van Gogh? That's essentially what Loving Vincent is trying to let you do. It's a film entirely animated through paintings — over 56,000, apparently — and the results look fascinating. This trailer is, unfortunately, pretty low-resolution, so it's kind of hard to tell how it all turns out, but you can absolutely feel the almost-magical movement of its flowing animation. There doesn't appear to be a release date just yet.

The Meddler

Do you want to watch Susan Sarandon get up in others people's business? I mean, probably, right? The Meddler has Sarandon playing a woman who, with her husband dead, becomes overly involved in her adult daughter's life. The film has been getting warm reviews so far, with Sarandon's comedy called out as a particular highlight. It opens in limited release on April 22nd.


To be completely honest, I haven't the slightest idea what to make of this trailer. But it looks beautiful, and that's enough for me. The film involves the Louvre as it currently stands but also flashes back to reenactments of the museum during the Nazi occupation of France as people worked to preserve its collection. It comes out in the US on April 1st.