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Link from Legend of Zelda is now exploring Google Maps

Someone at Google Maps clearly loves video games. In the past the company has snuck Pac-Man and Pokemon Easter eggs into its mapping service, and today The Legend of Zelda is joining in as well. It's a small change, but a tiny, pixelated Link now replaces the little peg typically featured in Maps. When you go into street view mode, he even turns along with the camera. Unfortunately, Hyrule hasn't been added to the mapping service. The timing might seem a bit strange — Zelda celebrated its 30th anniversary on February 21st — but today marks the release on the HD version of Twilight Princess on Wii U, complete with Wolf Link amiibo. Link will be sticking around in Google Maps for the next five days, according to the Japanese Zelda Twitter account.

Celebrate 30 years of Link with our Legend of Zelda anniversary video: