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Oh my heavens, the British went and made a Top Gear for wine snobs

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Actors Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys have mashed the fictional film The Trip and the reality television series Top Gear into a pulp, extracted the juices, mixed the fluids into a rich blend, stored the liquid in a temperature-controlled basement, and bottled the final product. It's called The Wine Show. The 13 episode series of hour-long episodes is dedicated to wine, wine culture, and most importantly, wine drinking. You can now watch the trailer on YouTube.

I have one major beef with this show, which sends two rich and famous men across the world to eat delicious food, drink expensive alcohol, and learn from a team of wine experts. And I think you'll agree with me it's the show's tallest hurdle: 13 episodes simply isn't enough.

I demand six seasons! I demand a movie! Look at these guys! They have rapport! They have approachable, shaggy hairstyles! They have loose chambray! Matthew Rhys alone has enough hats to fill a walk-in closet!

Thirteen episodes? You insult me, ITV.