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Arnold Schwarzenegger gives first Snapchat presidential endorsement

Arnold Schwarzenegger gives first Snapchat presidential endorsement


The Terminator is voting for John Kasich

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Ty Wright/Getty Images

We've already had presidential endorsements via Twitter and Instagram, but as you'd expect from a man famous for playing a robot from the future, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ahead of the tech trend curve. The ex-Terminator and former governor of California delivered his presidential endorsement today via Snapchat, in a ten second video in which he pledged his support for Republican nominee John Kasich. Schwarzenegger is currently in Ohio campaigning alongside Kasich, and the Republican nominee appeared on the clip, saying that he loved Schwarzenegger as the camera panned between the two.

Schwarzenegger and Kasich are old friends, but Arnie and Snapchat are newer partners. The actor-turned-politican-turned-actor has taken to the teen-friendly platform in recent months, sending messages of support to similarly buff buddies Sylvester Stallone and J.J. Watt, recording snippets of his bicycle tour around the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, and taking video selfies with 50 Cent from his eponymous Arnold Sports events. In the meantime, even the most web-literate celebrities are lagging behind in their presidential endorsement game — Kim Kardashian could only offer her support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a rushed, blurry, and badly framed Instagram selfie.