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Watch a man walk 20 miles to create this Game of Thrones snow art

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British snow artist Simon Beck created promotional art for Game of Thrones that's worthy of show's gargantuan scale. Using his body, snowshoes, and math, Beck plodded a sprawling Stark banner in the untouched snow of the French Alps. The piece is a marketing stunt for the drama's return to Sky Atlantic next month.  Let's assume a Stark symbol carved into snow is the least subtle hint at another return: Jon Snow.

According to Digital Spy, the creation process spanned 13 hours, 64,800 steps, and 32.5 kilometers. The video, above, captures the scale as the camera flies away from a close-up of Beck, transforming the man into a dot on the snowy canvas.

Beck's artwork is unlikely to be seen in person without a vacation in the mountains, however he sells a photo book called Snow Art. The 168-page collection can be previewed on Beck's website. The Guardian also published a beautiful photo gallery in 2014, showing some of Beck's most elaborate designs.