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This art deco PC mod looks like a miniature mahogany skyscraper

This art deco PC mod looks like a miniature mahogany skyscraper

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Case modder Jeffrey Stephenson creates the type of extravagant PCs you want to construct a whole room around. His latest is the art deco-inspired SkyVue, which uses mahogany-like sapele wood and aluminum trim to mimic the look of a 1930s skyscraper (although that also means it looks a lot like Sony's PS2). If you owned this mod you'd probably start off thinking it was just a good signature piece for your room, and then a week or so later you'd be scouring eBay for an art deco desk, chair, and hatstand to match, all while humming "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?"

Dual SSDs for booting and storage, and a water-cooled CPU

And although the SkyVue looks vintage, it's more than capable on the inside. Stephenson says it's built around a cut up aluminum case, and comes with a Gigabyte GA-Z107N motherboard, a GTX960 video card, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. There's also a 240GB Kingston HyperX SSD to serve as a boot drive, a 480GB Corsair Neutron SSD for storage, and liquid cooling for the CPU. Just the way those pre-World War II folks liked their PCs.

The rear and front of the SkyVue. (Image credit: Jeffrey Stephenson)

Meshed vents on the top of the SkyVue. (Image credit: Jeffrey Stephenson)

Stephenson has form in this area. His previous designs include the DuMont (a retro enclosure for a combined iPad mini and Bluetooth speaker); the Mondrian (a PC tower inspired by the colorful abstract art of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian); and the Mid-Century (a red-oak-and-birch PC enclosure designed to fit into an alternate universe "where desktop computers were used in a 1960s Mad Men office"). You can check out more pictures of the SkyVue and its construction on Stephenson's website.