3.5" audio splitter help


Hey guys,

I wonder if someone can advise me on this. I'm trying to pipe both the two 3.5" outputs on my desktop and the one 3.5" headphone output on my laptop into the Line In on a JBL speaker dock, and I end up with horrible, unusable static.

Is there any way around this? Have I just bought sub-par cables and splitters or am I attempting something that's simply not possible?

The setup is as follows:

  • Two 3.5" sockets from my desktop's motherboard connected to
  • One Y-splitter with it's 3.5" output connected to
  • One side of another Y-splitter with
  • One 3.5 output cable coming from my laptop to the other side then finally
  • The output of that second splitter into the Line-In on the dock
Any takers?

Eternally grateful!