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The New York Times is testing pop-up ads asking users to disable ad blockers

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The Grey Lady is trying out new methods to combat ad blocking on a select group of readers

The New York Times is the latest website to employ a pop-up to encourage readers using ad blockers to whitelist their site, according to Ad Age. The news site began testing out various methods including pop-up ads to get users to either whitelist the website or subscribe to the paper (which ironically still won't get rid of the ads) on a select group of readers.


(Courtesy: Ad Age)

The pop-up the message states, "The best things in life aren't free. Advertising helps us fund our journalism. To continue to enjoy the Times, please support us in one of the following ways." The New York Times joins a collection of sites including Forbes, Slate, The Washington Post, and GQ that utilize some type of pop-up to encourage readers to turn off their ad blockers. (GQ stops readers using ad-blockers from reading its site altogether.)

"Ad-blockers do not serve the long term interest of consumers."

A spokeswoman for The New York Times told Ad Age the publication is trying to inform readers of the dangers ad blocking poses to publishers. "Our goal is to inform users of the harm of ad blocking and to encourage the whitelisting of," the spokeswoman said. "Ad blockers do not serve the long term interest of consumers. The creation of quality news content is expensive and digital advertising is one way that The New York Times and other high quality news providers fund news gathering operations."

The news site didn't state how long the tests would go on or whether the pop-ups will become a permanent fixture, but as more and more users adopt ad blockers, online publishers will continue to look for new ways to combat the biggest threat to their main revenue streams.