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How to watch Google DeepMind battle the world's Go champion

How to watch Google DeepMind battle the world's Go champion


The five-game match will stream live on YouTube this week and next

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Live this week, it's humanity vs the machines, as Google's AlphaGo AI battles Korean champion Lee Se-dol at the ancient board game of Go. The five-game match is set to be as historic as the competition between IBM's Deep Blue and chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov, and, even better, you can watch the whole thing unfold live on YouTube.

The schedule for the five matches is below, with each game starting at 1PM Korea Standard Time. That's 11PM ET the day before (or 4AM GMT on the day itself), meaning that the first match to be played on Wednesday March 9th will be available for US viewers at 11PM ET tonight.

First match: Wednesday, March 9

Second match: Thursday, March 10

Third match: Saturday, March 12

Fourth match: Sunday, March 13

Fifth match: Tuesday, March 15

Each game with stream live on YouTube and is expected to take four to five hours to complete, with Google adding updates to its Asia Pacific blog after each match. The Verge will also be covering the competition from the ground in Korea, with reports on the importance of Go to Korean culture, and what AlphaGo's success or failure will mean for the future of AI coming later this week. Stay tuned, then, to discover the fate of humanity (when it comes to being the best at one particular board game).

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