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New York's governor just called this bus 'Ferrari-like,' suggesting he has never seen a Ferrari

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New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced a bunch of upgrades for New York City's bus system today (the state is responsible for the MTA, not the city), and it's actually pretty cool: 2,042 new buses will be added to the fleet by 2020 at a cost of $1.3 billion, offering on-board Wi-Fi, charging ports, and an electronic signage pilot program with upcoming stop and weather information. Truly, these are the buses of the future, and the first ones will be on the streets of the city next month.

Also, this happened:

This leads me to believe that Governor Cuomo has never actually seen a Ferrari, which is kind of sad. Looking at Ferraris is one of life's great pleasures, and you'd think that Cuomo — a longtime public figure and member of a well-known political family — would have the opportunity to see a Ferrari at some point, if not own one.

Anyway, Governor, sir, here's a handy guide to telling the difference between a giant public transport box and an Italian supercar:

Actually, the more I use this image slider, the more I get the confusion: both have wheels and colorful paint. I get it. And if I'm doing my math correctly, each new bus costs over $600,000, which makes them as expensive as a new Ferrari (or two).

Come to think of it, at these costs, why aren't we just running fleets of actual Ferraris around town?