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Bill Gates just recreated a very chill picture of himself as a teen

Bill Gates just recreated a very chill picture of himself as a teen

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The Gates Notes

Bill Gates is starting another Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, but as any regular AMA visitor knows, he first needs to verify his identity with a photo. Usually that means holding up a sheet of paper with your name and the date on it, but Gates went for something far more interesting this time: he restaged an extremely chill photo of himself in high school, laying back on a desk while taking a call. It's a wonderfully faithful recreation that has Gates looking... I wouldn't exactly say cool, but as cool as you could hope over 40 years later.

Images credit: The Gates Notes.The AMA is just getting started, and already Gates has responded to a question about his views on the iPhone encryption case. His answer is pretty down the center, saying that both sides of the argument have valid concerns, but never quite making a firm commitment to defend either one. Gates first weighed in on the issue a couple weeks ago, initially saying that Apple should help unlock the phone and later clarifying that his remarks had been misrepresented, that he believed there needed to be a "balance" between security and the government's ability to access information for law enforcement purposes.

This is what Bill Gates thinks the world will be like by 2030: