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Teens react to Windows 95, you react to the cruelty of time

Teens react to Windows 95, you react to the cruelty of time


"Windows 95 looks dull and ancient, but one day we'll all be dust."

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For most of recorded history, humanity has reflected on its own mortality via works of great literature or badass paintings of skulls. Adults today have Teens React, which is far more harrowing. Forget Hamlet's soliloquies about this mortal coil of ours; forget Hieronymus Bosch's comic hellscapes; forget Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. All you need to feel the weight of time stamping determinedly on your foot is a YouTube thumbnail of two teenagers gazing with shock and horror at a computer running Windows 95.

Really, do you even need to watch the video above? Do you need to drag out that slow creeping sense of doom? That's what being alone in bed is for, surely.

Here's a brief summary: the teens are amazed at how old and clunky you are the computer is, they boggle at the fact that Windows 95 doesn't support Wi-Fi, and at one point someone says "bless up" with just the right mix of sincerity and irony to make my head spin. And ultimately, yes, they reconcile themselves to the fact that the past was terrible and we're all better off now, which is about the opposite of what I feel.

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