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Google promises speed improvements in next Nexus 5X update

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Google intends to address some recurring issues with the Nexus 5X in a software update this month. On Reddit, a Google community manager writes that a coming update will attempt to fix issues leading to "slow [and] sluggish performance," as well as problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Please fix the camera, Google

It's not clear which specific problems Google is going after, but one issue that commenters on Reddit are hoping it fixes is the phone's exceptionally buggy camera. Anecdotally, the camera on my own 5X crashes about as often as it actually manages to open; people on Reddit report the camera being "slow to open" or occasionally causing the phone to lock up.

Google says the update is already starting to roll out. If it does what commenters are hoping for, it may help to cement the 5X's place as a one of the best deals in the Android world, offering relatively strong specs (and, typically, performance) at a mid-range price. If not, we'll all go back to waiting for the camera to launch.