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Musical about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates cancels Broadway run

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The Broadway run of Nerds — the musical "dot comedy" about the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates — has been canceled after a major investor dropped out. The news is the latest setback for the production, whose final form has been ten years in the making, after an early version played at the New York Musical Theater Festival in 2005. The Broadway show was intended to be an upgrade on that iteration, adding on-stage holograms, and allowing the audience to vote for the show's ending through a dedicated app.

News of the postponement comes just three weeks before the show was scheduled to start its Broadway run, and the show was already in rehearsal. Producer Carl Levin confirmed the cancelation in a statement. "On behalf of my fellow producers and investors, it is with great disappointment that we will be postponing the Broadway opening of ‘Nerds' due to the loss of a major investor," he wrote. It's not clear whether Nerds will be back on Broadway at some point in the future, or whether its writers — Robot Chicken's Jordan Allen-Dutton and Erik Weiner — will take their high-tech show on the road.